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    Teacher: Where is your homework?

    Me: I lost it fighting some kid who said you weren’t the best teacher in school.


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    How are middle schoolers sexually active?

    I wasn’t even socially active.

    I’m not even active.


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  5. "*takes 50 selfies*
    *deletes 49*
    *stares at that one selfie until it turns ugly*
    *deletes that too*"

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    Need it.

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    All tuckered out

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    Disney posters by Tom Whalen

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    Photographer Bobby-Jo Clow found herself face-to-face with a cheetah cub who approached her Landrover while on safari at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. She documented the curious cat’s looks of wonder and trepidation at the vehicle and its passengers.

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    that selfie looked better on my phone: the novel

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